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Cast Away, Not Too Far Away.
Models: Ekaterina Li, Goksun Ergur, Amanda Valero, Anuj Choudhary
Wardrobe: Gary Wallang, Little Shilpa, Nitya Arora, Siddharth Arya
Animal Extinction
Man vs Wild. Humans Are Winning.
Model: Ekaterina Li
Wardrobe: Gary Wallang
Water Scarcity
Mirage, Truth of the Land.
Models: Elena Norouzi
Wardrobe: Anaikka at Atosa
Forerunner of Perdition.
Models: Sundal Roy
Wardrobe: Gary Wallang
World Hunger and Poverty
A Life Sentence, Seeks Pardon.
Model: Ana Rotili
Wardrobe: Gary Wallang
Radioactive Waste
Some Reforms. They Deform.
Model: Goksun Ergur, Sundal Roy, Anuj Choudhary
Wardrobe: Little Shilpa
Whoever Dies With The Most Toys... Wins.
Model: Ekaterina Li, Violetta Polushina, Ana Rotili
Wardrobe: Gary Wallang, Little Shilpa, Nitya Arora
Stop The Abuse! Reuse.
Model: Amanda Valero
Wardrobe: Anaikka at Atosa, The Source, Gary Wallang
Humans, More Common Than We Should Be.
Models: Ieva Kumza
Ocean Dead Zone
Nature Doesn't Do Bailouts.
Models: Ieva Kumza
Energy Shortage
Natural Resources File For Bankruptcy.
Model: Ekaterina Li, Adeliya Kunafina, Stella Andrade
Wardrobe: Little Shilpa, Gary Wallang
Over The Bridge, Yet Not Under It.
Models: Lize-Marie Estreaux, Joan-Enric Pastor