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Human Trafficking Awareness Day
Over 27 million people worldwide are forcibly transported to work as bonded labourers and worse. Stop and Think!
Models: Emile Steenveld, Larissa Aquino, Laryssa Rodrigues, Mari Pengelly, Sharya Coser
Designers: Gary Wallang, Rishta by Arjun Saluja, Varun Sardana
World Cancer Day
The dreaded - cancer is often a choice one makes. Quit Smoking.
Model: Ana Rotili
Designers: Falguni and Shane Peacock
Elimination of Racial Discrimination Day
Discrimination is a disease. We are all infected.
Models: Carol Rocha, Derik Lopes Silva, Julio Mendieta, Sandra Hasanbasicova
Designers: Narendra Kumar, Shivam & Narresh, Varun Sardana
Earth Day
In the past 100 years, Earth's average surface temperature has increased by about 0.8°C (1.4°F).
Poised to destroy our world, its solution is simple - a lifestyle that respects the environment. Are we ready?
Models: Ana Rotili, Bruna Geballi, Carol Rocha, Maya Mircheva
Designers: Gary Wallang, Shivam & Naresh
International Day Against Homophobia
On May 17, 1990, the International Classification of Diseases of the
World Health Organization (WHO) removed homosexuality from its list. Knowledge is power.
Model: Izabelle Domingos
International Day Against Drug Abuse
The value of the illegal drug trade is US $ 322 billion a year. It's not about numbers.
But, as a generation goes up in smoke - inner strength and compassion are the calling.
Model: Gabriella Demetriades
Designer: Gary Wallang
World Population Day
For the first time in human history, the number of hungry people worldwide will exceed one billion this year.
The problem is grave. The solution is simple - common sense.
Model: Priscila Garcia
Designers: Mathieu Gugumus Leguillon for The Bunglow
Anti Corruption Day
Now, it's India's Independence from Corruption.
Model: Jyothsna Chakravarthy
Designers: Flaguni & Shane Peacock
International Peace Day
Humanity and war are antonyms. The spirit of a peaceful co-existence is a fundamental tenet.
Be it a nation or a neighbourhood.
Models: Daniel Ciobanu, Evelyn Sharma
World Animal Day
Wild and endangered animals are killed by poachers across the world.
Is their skin more precious than their life? Ask their family.
Models: Adrian Ivan, Ana Paula Santos, Emile Steenveld, Sandra Hasanbasicova
Designer: Gary Wallang
World Childrens Day
Child-Soldiers are forcefully recruited in many parts of the world.
Pre-mature deaths also come in the form of distorted childhood. Let's keep innocence alive.
Model: Izabelle Domingos
Designer: Gary Wallang
Human Rights Day
United Nations' recognition of the day marks the coming of age of human civilisation.
But its success is in the practice - not its badge.
Models: Anuj Choudhary, Gessica Hoffmann
Designers: Falguni & Shane Peacock, Narendra Kumar